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August 21, 2009

Max – Runaway (Ft. T.Kid) (Exclusive)

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My new feature on a song which is produced and sung on by Max Davenport. It’s an electro song, so I’m proving I’m versatile and can vocal all different types of genres of music. I’ve decided to release it for free download so show support and download it please.

Let me know what you think of it via my blog, my Twitter, My Facebook etc.


(Yes, random picture I know, but it’s got the word ‘Runaway’ on it so I chose it. Click on the picture below to download the song).

Max - Runaway (Ft. T.Kid) (Click the picture for free download)

Max - Runaway (Ft. T.Kid) (Click the picture for free download)


Example – Watch The Sun Come Up (Official Video) (Released 21st September)

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Example has come up with a big song & video. The directing and editing on it is one of the best in videos I’ve seen in a while. I reckon this could chart aswell so be sure to get it when it’s released.

Large up Example.

August 20, 2009

Esmée Denters – Outta Here (Official Video)

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I know it’s been out for a while but I haven’t been blogging for a while have I!? So yeah, I’ve known about Esmée Denters for quite a while now, she’s pretty, from Holland and she’s got a very good & unique voice and this single & video entitled ‘Outta Here’ is quality. It was released last week in the UK and I think and it could possibly be a number 1 in my opinion.

Of course, it’s recommended.

Little Dee – Once In A Blue (Album/Mixtape)

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I’m still not sure if this is an album or a mixtape but that doesn’t really matter because this is one of the best UK releases this year! So many good songs on it, the majority. I’ve been a fan of Little Dee from ages now and his mixtape before this was a big release aswell. ‘Don’t Understand (Ft. P Money)’ is alot and so is ‘There For You (Ft. Ruby), but there’s alot of good songs on it. Oh yeah ‘Electric Love (Ft. Wiley) is very good aswell, I think it could possibly chart.

Big up Little Dee! Show support and get ‘Once In A Blue’.

Little Dee - Once In A Blue

Little Dee - Once In A Blue

Dorrough – Dorrough Music (Album)

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Dorrough is another music artist I don’t think I’d heard of before I got his debut album. I think Dorrough is most known for his song ‘Ice Cream Paint Job’ which has recently been remixed and released featuring Snoop Dogg, Nipsey Hussle, Jim Jones, & Soulja Boy. It’s a good album, I like ‘Hood Song (Ft. Tomeka Pearl)’ & ‘What’s My Ringtone’. Also, he sounds quite a bit like Ludacris, not as good of course, but still. Anyone agree?

Dorrough - Dorrough Music

Dorrough - Dorrough Music

Slaughterhouse – Slaughterhouse (Album)

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I must be really late to not of properly heard of Slaughterhouse before I got this album which is self entitled, although of course I had heard of Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, & Royce Da 5’9, but I don’t think I had heard of Crooked I as a solo artist. I bet alot of people hadn’t either, don’t lie to yourselves. Anyway, they’re good, this album is good, and my two favourite songs on the album are ‘Sound Off’ & ‘The One (Ft. The New Royales)’.


Slaughterhouse - Slaughterhouse

Slaughterhouse - Slaughterhouse

Joe Budden – Escape Route (Album)

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Big album. Before this album I wasn’t really a fan of Joe Budden neither had I really heard much of his music, but this album is good. He seems to have a different style of rapping to alot of other rappers in the scene. ‘Clothes On A Mannequin’ & ‘We Outta Here’ are most likely my two favourite tracks on it.

Joe Budden - Escape Route

Joe Budden - Escape Route

Kristinia Debarge – Exposed (Album)

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Who knows about Kristinia Debarge? If you don’t, you’re late! Well, actually to be fair I’ve not known about her for long, but her debut album called ‘Exposed’ is very good. ‘Doesn’t Everbody Wanna Fall In Love’ & ‘Cried Me A River’ are probably my two favourite tracks on it. I looked her up on Wikipedia and she’s actually been quite famous in the States for a while now. But I don’t know if she’s very big in the UK? Well anyway, get her album, it’s good.

Kristinia Debarge - Exposed

Kristinia Debarge - Exposed

Drake & Trey Songz – Successful (Official Video Behind The Scenes)

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Quality song and the video looks like it’s going to be quite good aswell.

Drake – Killer (Ft. Nipsey Hussle) (Single)

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Drakes is definitely one of my favourite artists to really emerge this year, and I would say Nipsey Hussle might be one of my favourite artists to get recognition this year aswell.

This collaboration is soooooooo good! Wow! They both do so much on the song.

Get it!

Drake - Killer (Ft. Nipsey Hussle)

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