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July 24, 2009

Jay-Z – Run This Town (Ft. Rihanna & Kanye West) (Single)

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The new single from Jay-Z has been released on the internet, I don’t know if it’s been leaked or officially internet released. It’s entitled ‘Run This Town’ and it’s featuring Rihanna & Kanye West. I’m not a big Jay-Z fan but this song is quite good. I think most of the credit should go to the verse by Kanye West, he does quality as usual.

It can be downloaded from DJ Semtex’s blog by clicking on this following picture….

Jay-Z - Run This Town (Ft. Rihanna & Kanye West)

Jay-Z - Run This Town (Ft. Rihanna & Kanye West)


July 21, 2009

Sliimy – Wake Up (Video)

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ALOT of people on the internet are asking who Sliimy is. I originally saw Lady Gaga tweet first about it I think and then I saw Kim Kardashian tweet about it aswell. I didn’t know who he was so I looked him up still. He’s a French singer and he’s recognised for his song entitled ‘Wake Up’ I think. I seriously think it’s quite a good song. People on Twitter are still asking who he is. Can they not read? It’s a Trending Topic on Twitter at the moment and people are still who he is. Alot of people need to learn to read stuff! It this song comes out in England I think it could be quite big and chart top 10 possibly even top 5.

Soulja Boy – Swag Flu (Video)

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I’ve got so much to blog about but I haven’t really been bothered to update my blog these past few days but I just felt the need to blog about this. Soulja Boy isn’t a good rapper at all but he manages to make so many hits and in that respect I rate him alot even though some of his songs are shit. He inspires me in some ways for some reason I don’t really know myself. Big up Soulja Boy, this song and video is alot still!

July 17, 2009

FaithSFX & Maxsta – Flying High (Possible Track For FaithSFX’s Album)

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This song seems like it’s going to be alot. This is only a 1 minute snippet but from that 1 minute it sounds quality. FaithSFX is unbelievably good at beatboxing, the beat on this track is ridiculously good. Maxsta does decent aswell. I think Maxsta has got alot of stuff coming out soon because he’s been working with a number of different producers and artists.

Jovonni – From Then Til Now (Mixtape)

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I randomly got an update through on facebook the other day through one of Drake’s fan pages saying download his new mixtape. I downloaded it, thinking it was Drake to find out it was some guy called ‘Jovonni’, I wasn’t too happy about that. But then I decided to give a listen and I was glad I downloaded it and did! It’s alot! the majority of the songs on the mixtape are good. I recommend it still.

Jovonni - From Then Til Now

Jovonni - From Then Til Now

Nina Sky – Beautiful People (Prod. By Stereotypes) (Single)

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This song is going to be the second single from Nina Sky’s new album called ‘Starting Today’ I think and this song is so good. It was produced by Stereotypes and the production on it is quality! I think this could be a worldwide top 10 maybe even top 5 song. I’m looking forward to hearing their new album called ‘Starting Today’ when it comes out considering they haven’t released an album since 2004.

Karina Pasian – Stole My Heart (Single)

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Karina Pasian is one of my favourite new up and coming singers in the music industry. She’s only 17, 18 tomorrow I think and she’s already signed to Def Jam Recordings and is making alot of hits. I’m assuming this could be released as a single but either way it’s a very good song.

Drake – Best I Ever Had (Official Video)

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Again this video was premiered a couple of weeks ago and, I did see it but I haven’t been blogging lately so I’m posting it now. I like the song & I like the video. I don’t get the basketball theme at all though what’s the point in it. I saw alot of people on Twitter that didn’t like this video but I don’t see why I thought it was quite good. It wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t terrible.

50 Cent – Ok, You’re Right (Official Video)

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This video & song is soooooo good! I know it was new a couple of weeks ago and, I did see it back then but I haven’t blogged in a while so I’m posting it now. The masks are quality!

XV – Mirror’s Edge (Single)

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XV is alot and I’m of the opinion that he’s going to be one of the next big artists in America. His new song entitled ‘Mirror’s Edge’ is going to be the lead single off of his forthcoming mixtape called ‘Everybody’s Nobody’. This song is large and if his songs are going to be of this standard on his new mixtape I’m sure it will exceed being good.

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