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May 31, 2009

Stavros Flatley – Final Performance On Britain’s Got Talent.

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Infact, I dunno, if not Shaheen, Stavros Flatley should’ve won it!!!!!!!!!!!! They were also amazing, they’re so funny! Well done to Stavros Flatley, very entertaining.


Shaheen Jafargholi – Final Performance On Britain’s Got Talent.

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Shaheen should’ve won it!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s it really I don’t really know what else to say. Shaheen’s amazing. It’s stupid how he didn’t win let alone get in the top three. But I guarantee he’ll be signed very soon. So well done to him I think his performances on Britain’s Got Talent were amazing.

Susan Boyle – Final Performance On Britain’s Got Talent.

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Yeah Susan Boyle sung well which was expected from me anyway because she has got a good voice. But I think all the media attention around her needs to drop off from her for a while. In a way I think Susan Boyle didn’t really want to win herself. Because if what the papers were saying were true ‘Susan Boyle close to breakdown’ ‘Susan Boyle going to be kicked out of show’ I think it all just got too much for her going from no-one to a worldwide star in just a few weeks. But overall, well done, even though you are disgustingly ugly.

Diversity – Final Performance On Britain’s Got Talent.

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Couldn’t believe it when I found out they won. I thought Susan Boyle had it since basically the beginning of the program simply because she got so much fame in a short space fo time and I thought so many people were gunna vote for her to win. But on the other hand I’m glad Diversity won, they’re final performance was amazing. But there is 1 other act which I think tops theres…. Shaheens! But overall well done Diversity, well achieved.

May 30, 2009

Busta Rhymes – Back On My B.S.

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Yeaaaah I know I’m a bit late reviewing this but I haven’t really had the time to give it a proper listen to still. From what I’ve heard of it, it’s okay. ‘Hustler’s Anthem 09’ featuring T-Pain is decent. But I wasn’t impressed with ‘Respect My Conglomerate’, look at the artists on that Lil’ Wayne (best rapper alive) & Jadakiss (very good rapper). So I felt with two massive artists on a track like that they should’ve come with something alot better. Still I’m not really a fan of Busta Rhymes at all but i thought I’d give some of a listen to to see if he’s improved from when I last heard him and the answer to that would probably be no.


Wiley – Where’s My Brother (Unofficial Video).

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Yeah this songs been about for quite a while now. But I clocked that a videos been made for it. It’s unofficial, but the video is alright still & since when has Wiley cared alot about his videos? Wearing My Rolex, he wasn’t in it. Cash In My Pocket, he wasn’t it. This video should just be the official video because I’m not too sure Wiley really likes to be in videos himself loooool.

Aidan Davis – Semi Final Performance On Britains Got Talent.

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Hollie Steel – Semi Final Performance On Britains Got Talent (Funny).

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LMAO! I don’t care what people say I found this funny and then thought it was outrageous that she went through! Nerves are what all the contestants have to deal with, it’s all part of the package to win the competition. And as this videos shows it, Hollie Steel doesn’t have nerves of steel. I don’t have anything against her for that. But what I am against is that if someone else, like for example, the guitarist guy or juggling guy done what she done I doubt very much they would’ve given him a second chance. I didn’t think she deserved to go through at all. It pissed me off. So I’m guessing she had been learning and rehearsing that song for weeks and now she has one day to learn and rehearse one other song! How does that make sense? If she’s had the time to get ready for weeks and she messed up then how is she going to not mess up tomorrow? Ar I dunno I’m just rambling on now but I don’t agree that she went through to the final. Anyway, here’s the video and I don’t like her so I found it funny when she messed up LMAO enjoy….

May 29, 2009

Eminem – Freestyle On Westwood Show.

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Eminem is soooooooo good! I reckon he’s now up there joint with Lil Wayne as the two best rappers alive in my opinion. Eminem went in so hard on Westwood!

FC Barcelona 2 – 0 Manchester United.

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I just thought I’d post this on my blog & LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL at Man Utd. Shame. Well done Barcelona surprisingly I thought Man Utd would of won easily but Barcelona did wahey! I wanted them to win still. I would’ve much rathered ARSENAL in the final but poor performances led to us being knocked out in the Semi Final. But I’m glad Man Utd lost!

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