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April 16, 2009

Day26 – Forever In A Day.

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I don’t really watch making the band, although i watched the first series i think it was, but i got Day26’s new album the other day and i’m surprised! Very good! I had heard a few songs of theirs before but from what i remember they weren’t that good. But there new album has surprised me. ‘Truth Is A Lie’ & ‘Shawty What’s Up (Ft. T-Pain)’ are two quality songs.

The production on the album is bigggggggggggg also.



April 12, 2009

Krept & Konan – SB.TV.

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April 11, 2009

Gorilla Zoe – Don’t Feed Da Animals.

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I don’t know if i’m late but i hadn’t heard of gorilla zoe before this album i don’t think but wooooooow he’s hard! This new album of his entitled ‘Don’t Feed Da Animals’ is very good! A couple of bangers on there like ‘Untamed Gorilla Ft. JC’ & ‘What It Is Ft. Rick Ross & Kollosus’ are two big big songs!!


Jendor – Grandmaster.

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Jendor came harrrrrrrrdddddddd still!! The new project from Jendor is alot it’s been prolonged i think, i’m sure it was supposed to drop a while ago but still it’s alot. Jendor i’d say is one of the best ‘grime’ artists in the UK but not recognised enough as he should be for his music ability. I liked that this whole project wasn’t JUST grime he touched on a couple other genres also.

‘Pose On The phone’,  ‘Desert Storm’, ‘None Of Their Guys’, & ‘Damn’ are probably four of my favourite songs on it, although most of the songs are sick. Also the three ‘stages’ interlude things are big to.


Lady Sovereign – So Human.

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I like this still, lady sovereign comes with catchy songs alot, i havent really listen to ALOT of her but this song is sick.

Dot Rotten is still best artist in grime!!

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Bashy – Ransom Ft. Wretch 32 & Scorcher.

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Quite simply 1 of the sickest videos the UK grime scene has done in my opinion!  Large up didgital sneakers work on this i like it!! I don’t like bashy but wretch 32 & scorcher are 2 of the biggest in the game! I wonder what the other parts will be like, the end of the 1st part was a bit confusing, bashy getting up out the bath after it seeming like he drowned, & somehow managing to get out and run away, and the police just coming into it, overall tho its very good!

Kelly Clarkson – All I Ever Wanted.

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Kelly Clarkson’s new album entitled ‘All I Ever Wanted’ is quality! I like to be versatile with the genres of music i listen to so i gave this a go, i like it, she’s a good singer, and the majority of the songs on the album are alot! I had never really given her a listen before but i have now and i like her music alot.


Jadakiss – The Last Kiss.

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Jadakiss’ new album is soooooo hard in my opinion! I’ve not really been a fan of him before this album but wow i was impressed.

‘Pain & Torture’ & ‘Grind Hard ft. Mary J. Blige’ are probably my two favourite songs on the album large up.


Back blogging!

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Yo i’m back on this blogging, i’ve not been on it for a while..but i’m back with alot to blog about!

– Tk.

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